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  • Holy water fonts

    All of sort of holy water fonts

  • Rosaries

    Rosaries of all kinds to pray the Rosary with the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Crosses-Crucifix

    Crosses-Crucifixes of all kinds

  • Icons

    Icons of all kinds and sizes Orthodox tradition or others

  • Liturgy

    All kinds of religious objects relating to the Catholic liturgy

  • Books

    Bibles and other spiritual books

  • Media

    All kinds of audio and video media (Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, Vinyls)

  • Lourdes

    Souvenirs of Lourdes

    Paintings, statues, displays, medals, crosses, crucifixes, candles, holy water fonts,...

  • Christmas

    All kinds of objects from the Christmas tradition such as: nativity scenes, statues, candles,...

  • Statues
  • Medals

    Ancient and recent medals of all kinds with the effigy of our Lord Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and all the saints

  • Paintings

    Painted pictures or pictures under glass to hang in your home or to put on your prayer altar

  • Pack Offers

    Bundling of religious items for a cheaper price

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